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At Koru Brain Centre, we have a unique combination of therapists all in the same person!! The complementary specilaty skills all work together to get the best outcome for you. The fact that the needs of our patients/clients directly occur in house, without the delay of referring to another therapist, means there is less delays and improved outcomes through single clinician capability.

Dr Stefan Billing (Owner)

As a registered chiropractor of 4 years, Dr Stefan Billing has decided to take his Chiropractic Studies to the top of the Chiropractic specialty ladder and is currently completing a DACNB which is a Diplomate in Neurology. He is the only registered functional neurologist on the South Island..

Concussion clinic

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), also known as concussions, are impacts to the head that interrupt the normal function of the brain. Concussion is the most common but least serious type of brain injury.


Dr Billing has trained in mild traumatic brain injury recovery.

mild traumatic brain injury

Functional Medicine

The supplements we prescribe are natural and we will choose those that are best suited to assist your body in naturally healing itself.

We use a wide range of labrotory produced Medical Grade nutraceuticals and supplements and botanicals 

  • Metagenics

  • Researched Nutritionals

  • Naturobest

  • Nordic Naturals

  • Pure Encapsulations

  • Thorne Research

  • Enzyme Science

  • Metabolic Maintenance 

Support of the brain through nutrition and supplements

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