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At Koru Brain Centre we have two treatment options:

  1. We can run the rehabilitation at two speeds, slow and steady, you come in three to four times a week for 1/2 hour sessions for 10-12 weeks, this has a slow and progressive recovery. This type of program is dependent on you doing your rehab exercises for 5 minutes EVERY hour for 8 hours a day, this means your progress is dependent on your commitment to performing your exercises. Most people have about 7 to 10 different neurological systems that need rehabilitation before they start to feel “normal” again.

  2. For faster more rehabilitation we treat you intensively; 3 times a day for 5 days. – Employing our intensive clinical model, patients undergo our neurological rehabilitation exercises for three 1/2 hour- 45 min-long sessions every day for five days. Because our therapies target specific neurological tasks, are intense, and are applied with frequency as this is how neuroplasticity is activated, this helps your improvement to proceed quickly and rid you of your symptoms


For patients flying/driving into Wanaka  for treatment, we can arrange accommodation near the centre and Queenstown airport transfers of local car rental. Just ask and we can book it all for you.

Living with brain symptoms that no one can see or no one so far has linked all of your symptoms to one cause is emotionally and physically exhausting—our doctors understand that. Often you have tried everything and this is your last resort.  We have the support of hundreds of Functional Neurologists and decades of experience treating thousands of patients with all types of neurological disorders and performance wishes.


If our Doctors need support then we access this global support network and find another Functional Neurologist who has seen your problem and we can use that experience and apply that treatment protocol to your case.  New technologies and treatments developed over years of practice now make it possible for people with neurological disorders to reclaim improved function and independence in as little as 1 week of intensive treatment.

Case Review


Functional Neurology Report


Intensive Therapy Week

Includes case review, initial consultation, 15x regular consultations, functional neurology report


Lab Test 1; OAT

Organinc Acid Test


Lab Test 2; Combined DIetry Antigen Test


Lab Test 3: Dietry & Envoronmental Pollutants


Lab Test 4; Single Hormone

ZRT single hormone


Lab Test 5; Stool Analysis with Paracytology


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