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Brain injury can often leave patients far less independent and capable than they were before. While medication and surgeries help these conditions up to a point, you and your doctor may have determined that traditional therapy is not providing satisfactory improvement.

Koru Brain Center offers intensive and innovative therapy regimens to address the specific needs of each of our patients. By applying the science of neuroplasticity in the form of innovative therapy and industry-standard diagnostic tools,we restore or enhance function to the brain, improving quality of life and neurological performance.

To rehabilitate nerves we need to supply them with appropriate activation,  oxygen and glucose, reduce brain inflammation, increase firing stability, increase or restore local and distal network communication, restore brainstem reflex functions, restore and balance neurotransmitter function and restore gut-brain-gut  function, immune system function and endocrine activity, so you see brain dysfunction involves a lot of systems but the results are life restoring!

Patients receive the following benefits from Koru Brain Centers:

  • Measurable progress

  • Individualized treatment

  • Accelerated improvement

  • Intensive, purposeful therapy

  • Simple but effective approach


Non-invasive, drug-free methodology with significant outcomes

While the science is complex, the results are simple—we restore essential background systems (balance, eye function, posture, spatial awareness, brain network communication) for patients who have lost brain function from concussions, neurological conditions, and developmental obstacles.

The exam & approach

Whatever the root of your neurological impairments, our Functional Neurological exam and diagnostic approach allows us to objectively pinpoint where your neurological function is failing you.  If you have too many essential background systems struggling then your brain struggles to function properly.

A personalized treatment plan

Our DACNB, IAFNR certified clinical neuroscience experts conduct industry-standard exams in order to establish a baseline for your brain’s performance. Based on this exam, we create a personalized treatment plan for your specific impairments using research-based, highly effective therapies. Our comfortable and simple therapies utilize the benefits from Feedback, feedforward and efferent copy effects of neurological stimulation, other tools are iPad Apps and computer based programs to exercise your brain with precise stimuli, facilitating the growth and enhancement of new neural pathways. We use specific  activation or inhibition of nerves (Feed back, feed forward and efferent copy) and a vast array of rehabilitation exercises specific to your brain injury:

  • eye exercises

  • balance exercises

  • co-ordination exercises

  • response to stimuli (interactive metronome)

  • biofeedback training

  • eye lights

  • hemifield glasses

  • specific sound frequencies

  • pulsed sound tones

  • vibration to joints

  • manual adjustments of joints

  • gait retraining

  • memory guided targeting

  • vestibulo-occular reflex and vestibulospinal reflex

  • (retained) primitive reflex’s restore early neurodevelopmental milestones

  • spins in chair with different head positions

  • Vagal nerve stimulation

  • SSEP’s somatosensory evoked potentials

Often we will need to address brain inflammation and autoimmune and brain-gut-dysbiosis issues that go hand in hand with brain injuries, to assess what other symptoms need to be co-managed.
We Partner with industry leading companies:


  • Fitzwilliam Food Allergy tests

  • Genova Diagnostics- saliva, urine, stool diagnostics

  • Cyrex Labs Test and Arrays- Autoimmune testing, Blood Brain Barrier patiency

  • Nutri Advanced Nutraceuticals -Metagenics = Lab Quality Supplements

for specific tests of your physiology to guide your nutritional support of your rehabilitation (no guesswork)

Our innovative therapies will improve:

  • Processing speed

  • Reaction time

  • Choice reaction time

  • Brain stamina

  • Impulse control

  • Static / dynamic vision

  • Balance performance

  • Posture, joint pains

  • Gut function

  • Metabolic function

  • Endocrine function

Two treatment options:

  1. We can run the rehabilitation at two speeds, slow and steady, you come in three to four times a week for 1/2 hour sessions for 10-12 weeks, this has a slow and progressive recovery. This type of program is dependent on you doing your rehab exercises for 5 minutes EVERY hour for 8 hours a day, this means your progress is dependent on your commitment to performing your exercises. Most people have about 7 to 10 different neurological systems that need rehabilitation before they start to feel “normal” again.

  2. For faster more rehabilitation we treat you intensively; 3 times a day for 5 days. – Employing our intensive clinical model, patients undergo our neurological rehabilitation exercises for three 1/2 hour- 45 min-long sessions every day for five days. Because our therapies target specific neurological tasks, are intense, and are applied with frequency as this is how neuroplasticity is activated, this helps your improvement to proceed quickly and rid you of your symptoms


For patients flying/Driving into Wanaka  for treatment, we can arrange accommodation near the centre and Queenstown airport transfers of local car rental. Just ask and we can book it all for you.

Living with brain symptoms that no one can see or no one so far has linked all of your symptoms to one cause is emotionally and physically exhausting—our doctors understand that. Often you have tried everything and this is your last resort.  We have the support of hundreds of Functional Neurologists and decades of experience treating thousands of patients with all types of neurological disorders and performance wishes.

If our Doctors need support then we access this global support network and find another Functional Neurologist who has seen your problem and we can use that experience and apply that treatment protocol to your case.  New technologies and treatments developed over years of practice now make it possible for people with neurological disorders to reclaim improved function and independence in as little as 1 week of intensive treatment.

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